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Marketing Research Purpose & Results

The purpose of this marketing research study was to answer the question: What are highest performing marketers doing to acquire, grow and retain more customers? We found that a relatively small number of best practices deliver proportionally higher impact for top producers.

This free marketing research report is an empirical study which discovers, measures and shares the highest impact lead acquisition practices and results used by the top rated B2B marketers. The report shares:

Research Highlights

Here are just a few examples of the research performed with partial results.

Marketing Budget

The marketing investment as a percent of sales is an oft asked question, normally by the CEO or CFO—so we explored further by examining how best-in-class marketers invest. Marketing budget as a percentage of revenues varied significantly by industry. However, viewing marketing investment as a percentage of gross margin and not revenues became an equalizer by taking margin out of the equation and bringing consistency across industries (4 to 6 percent.)

Marketing Budget
Marketing Sourced Leads

Leads Sourced by Marketing

Another we examined: What percentage of leads in the sales pipeline should originate from marketing? Best in class marketers source a significantly higher volume of the sales pipeline leads than do their peer groups. Leaders generate 45 percent more of the sales pipeline leads from marketing programs than Medians and a whopping 133 percent more than Laggards. This analysis also digs deeper to deliver supporting comments and recommendations.


Lead Scoring

We examined how leads are qualified, when a lead scoring model is used, what criteria are used in lead scoring and how frequently lead scoring models are updated—and we uncovered a number of lead scoring best practices in the process. The analysis and recommendations in this section are particularly impactful.

Lead Scoring Criterion
Nurture Touches

Nurture Marketing

Our marketing research found that about about one- third of leads received are ready to buy now. The bulk of the remaining must be nurtured. So we then set out to discover how best-in-class marketers perform nurture marketing campaigns. And we discovered their number of campaign touches, nurture cycle duration and nurture yield deliver far greater results than their peer groups. The data analysis, comments and recommendations in the section share why.


Lead Management Systems

Applying technology to lead acquisition and lead management in the form of lead management software or marketing automation systems has sky-rocketed in popularity. Here we examined the overall adoption of marketing automation software, the specific reasons best-in-class marketers adopted this technology and the top ranked benefits they achieved after their deployments.

Top LMS Benefits
Top LMS Frustrations

While lead management software and marketing automation systems offer promise, as with all technology systems that promise is not always a panacea, and often not without its pitfalls. Here we examined the specific frustrations that best-in-class and other marketers incurred with this technology. We also compared their post-implementation results with their original technology objectives to discover which goals were met and which were not.

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